In Bordeaux, the fir tree on the hot seat

A detail that snowballed

During his back-to-school press conference, Pierre Hurmic declared that there would be no dead trees in the squares of Bordeaux at Christmas.Too expensive and "not at all our conception of greening" -it justified.The new team wants living.The 60,000 euros devoted to the 20-meter tree that crosses France to illuminate the Place Pey-Berland with its kilometers of electric garlands will go to shows, therefore alive.It should only be 'One detail, it provoked an uproar.The opposition accuses the new city councilor of denying family traditions in the name of unfounded dogmatism.The petition "Bordeaux wants to keep its Christmas tree" gathered nearly 10,000 signatures.Faced with this success, a deputy mayor said he was ready to launch a citizen consultation, before retracting.

A good old December wood

Christmas is a matter of tradition and legends.Its Christmas tree too.Green all year round, it would have been the tree of the month of December and childbirth among the Celts.In Scandinavia, it is decorated for the winter solstice It is in Riga, Latvia, that one is said to have been erected in homage to the Virgin Mary for the nativity in 1510.In Alsace, a book of accounts from 1521 refers to an expenditure of four schillings paid to forest guards to watch over the trees savagely felled on December 21 for St.Thomas.The fashion for trees adorned with apples and small cakes for December 25 gradually spread in Protestant Europe before entering Versailles in 1738, then in bourgeois circles.It was not until the end of the 19th century that it rose in our homes and in the squares of our towns.

Posted Date: 2020-09-29

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